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Because it’s THE LOGICAL THING TO DO, obviously.

But what IS it?

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Expand on that, please

Star Trek references pop out at me all the time.

A Starfleet insignia bumper sticker on the car in front of me. “Chekov’s job description” as a clue in a crossword puzzle. A passing reference to “Vulcan death grip” in a cultural critic’s essay collection. Or, later in that same collection, this sentence: “Like Trekkies, Hitchcockians have no trivia threshold.”

Star Trek is part of the culture: Kirk. Spock. "Beam me up." Warp drive.

Everyone knows the broad outlines, whether they've seen an episode or not.

My mission here is to share and discuss the way Star Trek continues to infiltrate the culture at large while also pointing you to other fun distractions from and about the final frontier - tweets, videos, books, and anything else my sensors pick up.

Won't you join me? The resulting conversation should be, as an old friend liked to say, fascinating.