Dearly beloved…

I am reading an article about a man who married a fictional character. (It’s in The NY Times, here is a link for you to read it for free.)

A major breakthrough in the relationship came nearly a decade later, with the introduction in 2017 of a $1,300 machine called Gatebox. The size of a table lamp, the device allowed its owners to interact with one of a variety of fictional characters represented by a small hologram.

Gatebox was marketed to lonely young men. In one ad, a shy office worker sends a note to his virtual wife letting her know he’ll be late. Upon his arrival, she reminds him that it’s their “three-month anniversary,” and they share a Champagne toast.

As part of its promotional campaign, Gatebox’s maker set up an office where users could apply for unofficial marriage certificates. Thousands of people registered.

Is that sort of like marrying a holodeck character?

If you could marry a holodeck avatar of a Trek character, who would it be?

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