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Star Trekking for April 4, 2021

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Play ball!

It’s baseball season here in US America. And we all know about DS9’s love of baseball.


Eric Pesola shares some other fun Trek/baseball nuggets in a recent article.

For instance, relief pitcher Joe Nelson used what he called a Vulcan-Grip Changeup.

Nelson told the Tampa Bay Times that he started using this pitch when he was in college at the University of San Francisco. Basically, he made Spock’s famous “Live Long and Prosper” gesture with his right hand, shove the ball in, and throw it that way. 

The pitch must have worked for Nelson because he lasted four seasons in Major League Baseball. He brought his Vulcan-Grip Changeup to the Kansas City Royals, the Tampa Bay Rays, the Miami Marlins, and the Boston Red Sox

The article also discusses the Spock-like aspects of Sabermetrics, Trek promo nights at Minor League parks, and Scotty’s first pitch (note the unusually clear view of James Doohan’s right hand).


Do check out the full article.

And speaking of baseball and Deep Space Nine, I reviewed a new DS9 book for Trek Movie.

I love owning and thumbing through Trek reference books, and this is another that will be easy to go back to again and again. 

You can pick up the Deep Space Nine Illustrated Handbook at your local Promenade or at this link.

So what’s been happening on Twitter?


Truly the Great American Pastime.

Need your own signed baseball?

You might need a Niners shirt to go with it.

That time Scotty and Captain Kirk’s nephew Peter (or is it a young Tommy Starnes?) went back in time, undercover, to investigate Samantha Stephens.

A neighborhood worth visiting?

Trek art!

Trek models!

Would watch.

Meanwhile, here’s an actual crossover that actually existed: Worf meets Webster. But is it canon?

And because today is Easter.


  1. Another Eric Pesola article: Why did the bridge change in every movie?

  2. TNG rubber duckies.

  3. April 5 is First Contact Day, and here are some ways to celebrate.

  4. April’s 99 cent Trek ebooks.

  5. A listicle to keep you busy for awhile: all the Trek references and easter eggs in The Simpsons. This one’s still my favorite.

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