Star Trekking for February 2, 2021

Communicators, picorders, and a cameo from Tuvix

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The ongoing thesis of this newsletter is that, whether you’re actively looking for it or not, Star Trek is everywhere.

And when it’s not, it should be.

For instance, we need more of this in our everyday lives.

Obviously ahead of my time, in the mid-nineties I tried to convince a friend of mine to help me turn a Playmates communicator toy into some kind of phone. We didn’t have the technology or tools (or follow through) to actually do it, but I love love love that this kind of stuff CAN be done nowadays. We are truly living in the future.

Check out this article for details on how this version was done.

This week I also came across another prop modification - a TNG tricorder outfitted with a raspberry pi computer.

Here’s a video that goes into detail.

This is an age of miracle and wonders.

One big happy starfleet.

This vintage Trek Bar Mitzvah makes me want to convert.

I have to agree.

Deep thread.

It’s funny because it’s true.

As a former professional woodworker, I am fascinated by this video.

Trailer for Star Trek: Aliens.

The power of light.

More technology done right.

New book alert!


The true story of how a 17-year old high school student sold a story that became the basis for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "True Q" and how he got to sit in Captain Picard's chair.

Contains the original script he submitted back in 1992, the story of what inspired him to write it and what happened afterwards.

And finally, thanks for the memories.


  1. Enterprise D vs Trash Aliens.

  2. Star Trek at the Air & Space Museum.

  3. Happy anniversary, Threshold!

  4. Important scholarship: the words transporter, warp speed, and Prime Directive predate TOS.

  5. Holmes’ claims to be a man of science are rather fraudulent behind the scenes: he is simply the locus of a mythic depiction of magical science.

    Neither is Holmes the only such character. Both Spock and Data in the worlds of Star Trek share this power of magical science - also manifested in these shows by the tricorder, which like Holmes spits out every required fact on demand and without error. “

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