Roses are Read, Leonard is Blue

Star Trekking for April 11, 2021

Welcome to Star Trekking, my attempt to share points of interest and random intersections in the final frontier.

It’s National Poetry Month here in the US of A.

And I think we all know who my favorite poet is.

Well this week I found a reply I’d missed to one of my earlier newsletters.

Fortunately, we can hear Leonard read his poetry even without access to that cassette. For instance, here he is with the Captain and Tennille(!) accompanying him (by playing an Elton John song).

And of course we also have Spock Thoughts, as originally presented to us on a classic LP. It’s not his original work, but still, don’t you want to hear Spock recite a poem in character? Of course you do.

And here Leonard reads a poem that seems to summarize his own personal philosophy.

But somehow, in all these years, I missed the fact that DeForest Kelley also wrote poems.

Not surprisingly, I learned it from a tweet.

And I thought “two books of poetry? From De?”

Well I did some research and found one for sure. They weren’t really comparable to Leonard’s numerous volumes of poetry but I was delighted to find some of De’s poems as well as a video of him reading one.

You can read The Dream Goes on here - this is the first page.

What kind of poetry themed newsletter would this be without a reference to this classic?

There is a sort of visual poetry going on here.

Now THIS is poetry.

I don’t know his platform but he gets my vote.

I always enjoy listening to the Inglorious Treksperts, but this episode was particularly great.

Follow up for those interested in a DIY starship.

This is my kind of content.

A+ would decorate with this in my own home (when my wife isn’t looking).


Important chart.

A summation of what we know.

It’s a great time to love Star Trek.


  1. Star Trek moments that secretly made us cry.

  2. A poem: Study for Belief with Lines from “Star Trek: The Original Series”

  3. A deep dive into Data’s poetry.

  4. Robert Picardo reads a Bradbury poem.

  5. Why Troi didn’t wear a uniform.

That’s all for this week. Until next time,

LOVE long and prosper,


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