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Star Trekking for February 21, 2021

Welcome to Star Trekking, my weekly attempt to share points of interest and random intersections in the final frontier.

The ongoing thesis of this newsletter is that, whether you’re actively looking for it or not, Star Trek is everywhere.

This week it arrived via mailing list.

You know how it is. You’re going about your business, doomscrolling and hashtagging, and constructing mnemonic memory circuits using stone knives and bearskins, when you come across a creative writing blogger and you’re intrigued enough by some of the things she teaches that you attend a free webinar and even subscribe to her mailing list.

So it was for me and Jessica Abel.

She’s a graphic novel author and self-branding encourager and I have no idea how or when I first came across her, but I know I have one of her books in my Kindle library (and I swear I’m going to read it VERY SOON).

Anyway, she offers classes and work groups and creative tips and not too long ago did an interview with Alexander Chee about creativity and writing. Loved it.

Her latest offering is Authentic Visibility, “a 6-month program for creatives who (think they) hate marketing. Our approach is aligned with the concerns of artists and creatives, not business school bros and Instagram influencers.”

I did not sign up for the class but I do continue to read her emails. Especially this one because the subject line was “OUCH.”

Scrolling through, I came across this (italics mine).

Here's what our subscriptions looked like in the week before our Wildly Obsessed webinar, and the week after, when we sent out daily sales emails.

I know what this is about: Curiosity about the training, followed by, Nope, not for me.

OK, I get it.

My logical Vulcan brain says, this makes sense. And we netted 450 new subscribers, so it was a win-win! (I know, my Vulcan brain would never say win-win. )

OK. ...but OUCH.

The email goes one from there, but you can see what stood out to me. Fascinating.

In the world at large, logic = Vulcan.


This, naturally, put me in mind of my favorite poem by my favorite poet.

Preach it, Leonard!

I think we are all eagerly anticipating Strange New Worlds. Some of us even more so than others.

A+ model work!!

You know I love Star Trek art.

I made an unboxing video for TrekMovie.

I’ve been watching TNG with my son.

I don’t believe Spock would be pro-millionaire.

Regarding vaccination.

I am old enough to remember this game.

Launched this week, Women Make Trek. Keep an eye out for a Supplemental issue of this newsletter dedicated to this fun new project.


  1. Ron Moore interview on Section 31 and Trek on the big screen.

  2. Picard director Hanelle Culpepper on diversity.

  3. How many times did Janeway die?

  4. I’m sure I mentioned this before, but there’s now an audiobook version of Janeway’s memoirs, read by Kate Mulgrew.

  5. How a DS9 episode predicted the 2020s.

That’s all for this week. Thank you for reading.

Have you come across some random Trek this week? Let me know!

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